Enjoy The Confidence of Sexual Strength

What is Sexual Strength?

In clinical terms, a man's sexual strength is determined by the combined quality of the three key sexual health markers:

  • Libido (sex drive)
  • Arousal quality (erection)
  • Stamina (endurance).

Each of the sexual health markers is fueled by an essential, underlying biological factor, or bio-driver.

Health Marker
Nitric Oxide and
Oxygenated Blood Flow

Testosterone fuels a man's libido and is produced in the testes. Healthy levels of testosterone play an integral role in sexual drive, desire, arousal, and response. Studies show that a testosterone boost can benefit sexual health and performance.

Nitric Oxide and Blood Flow. Arousal quality and erection hardness depends on the ability of arteries to allow an inflow of blood throughout the pelvic floor and penile tissues. Nitric oxide is the chief mediator that causes the blood vessels to dilate and accommodate more oxygenated blood.

Metabolism. Metabolism is a cellular process that changes the food we eat into energy. Studies show that a healthy metabolic rate promotes long-lasting erections and sexual endurance.

For a man's sexual strength score to be at peak, it's essential that all 3 bio-drivers are functioning at healthy levels - so they can properly fuel his libido, erections, and stamina.

Curious to know your sexual strength score? Take the quiz to find out.

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